Print & Digital editions

The newsletter goes out to residents and visitors and decision-makers in the UAE and across the world. Email alerts are sent out to thousands of residents and visitors from our own databases. The web edition is available at Link to the website is available from the GDRFA website which has millions of visitors annually.

This gives our strategic partners (sponsors, advertisers and others) a good visibility to their brands. Media coverage of exclusive stories from Manafez Dubai also ensures wider traffic to the websites.  Print edition copies are available at Rulers’ offices, government bodies, hotels, airports, airlines offices, diplomatic missions, trade promotion councils, investment and tourism boards, social clubs and centres of expatriate communities, business centres and offices of VIPs. It is also made available to residency and immigration bodies in the UAE, GCC and other Middle East countries. With 30,000 copies in print and its availability in digital format, it goes out to the target audience of decision-makers and professionals.